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What are Voyage Groups?

Or as we like to call them for short, 'V Groups'. V Groups are small groups of people who meet during the week to read the Bible, pray and enjoy company with others, growing in faith, love and friendship.

To us, church is more than Sunday Services and a physical building. We believe church is people who are following the way of Jesus together. They're a great space to share what's going on in our lives and do what we can to help each other and to learn how to love people well.


Life can be busy but here’s the paradox: When we give time in loving, encouraging and helping others, we find love, encouragement and help ourselves. We were created by God for community and we believe we can grow healthier, deeper and stronger in V Groups.

you're invited

The V Groups have different times, locations and frequencies, so click on the photos for more information. If you'd like to go along to a mid week group,

contact us.

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