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Why is the world so messed up? Why is there so much suffering? How can we expect the world to change when we struggle to change ourselves? Is there any hope? These are valid questions many people hold and you might be surprised where the answers are found.

The message of Jesus Christ really is Good News full of Hope and New Life! Click on the 'Two Ways To Live' tab below for a a short summary of the whole bible presented in six points that fits logically together to address these questions and more. We want to explain clearly and help you know the life changing Christian message of Hope! 

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All other world religions are about the things you have to do to get to God, however the Christian message is all about God's love coming to you through His son, Jesus.

Jesus Christ came to rescue, heal and renew you. He came to bring you back to God the Father


Making the decision to follow Jesus involves belonging to His church. Joining your life with other believers in a local church to worship God and grow in faith, love and mission are crucial and biblical for every disciple. This isn’t a human idea, this is God’s idea. Think of it like a little baby, but a baby in faith. God puts you in a family who will love you and help you grow up strong so that in time you also will help and encourage others. We are better together, taking the message of Jesus everywhere we go. We welcome you to God's family, and invite you to join us for our church services at Voyage Church in Coffs Harbour.

The Church


If you've made the decision to believe in and trust Jesus with your life or want to know more about Jesus Christ, we invite invite you to join us at Voyage Church at the Toormina Community Centre. Our church is one of many of the churches in Coffs Harbour, and we would love for you to join us. You can see our Sunday Services 

here, and our Mid-Week Services here.


A follower of Jesus is also called a disciple of Jesus. It means to believe and trust in who He is and what He has done for you through His death and resurrection His soon coming return. When you put your faith in Jesus (believing who He says He is and trusting Him with your life), you become a child of God. 

A supernatural work happens. God's Holy Spirit comes into your heart and you experience the love of God, and change from the inside out begins. This is very wonderful!


The word disciple means learner and as you learn more about God, trusting and obeying Jesus through His Word (The Bible), over time more change takes place, changing you into the one you follow - Jesus. This radical new life and voyage with Jesus is learning to leave behind your old way of doing things and discovering the joy of living with God, for God and for others and in the process, God begins to redeem your past failures and gives you a new life to live.


Reading God's Word (The Bible), praying, worship and fellowship in a local, Jesus-centred church, such as our Christian church at Voyage is essential to your learning and growing as you enjoy being part of God's wonderful salvation story. We hope to meet you soon! 

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